At the core of our story is the exploration of identity. 


When the brand first started in the mid 2000's, we were searching for a way to communicate ourselves to the world. Streetwear was starting to become somewhat mainstream, but it was still enough on the fringes of society to appeal to the rebellious dreamers within us. It was exciting, it was raw, and we had a lot of fun fumbling with this idea of fashion as expression. With the love and support of friends and family, we were able to turn our ideas into a reality - clothing for the People.


As with most things in life, we've continued to change. Our journey as a brand has both influenced us and been influenced by the way we've grown and how we view the world. Today, Peoples Republic of Clothing exists under the guidance of a father-son duo seeking to share their own identities in an innovative way. As fourth and fifth generation Chinese-Americans, we've decided to look inwards, searching for ourselves in the past in order to create for the future.


The two of us put ourselves and everyone who came before us into our designs. Our brand is our story, built on our history - and we respect it deeply. Because of all this, our motto is simple:


Clean.  Bold.  Positive.  Meaningful.


The four cornerstones of PRC and the way we believe each life should be lived.