A look back at the various PRC collections.

Holiday 2013: We were lucky enough to shoot on a day that was beautiful and clear for Fall in Seattle; it had rained the week before so everything really worked out for us.  Our friend and artists Conan Papagio owns a loft (Conan’s Loft) at the Old Rainier Brewery down in SODO and graciously offered us his space to use; as you can see, it turned out to be an awesome location.  With the city skyline providing an amazing backdrop and the recently replaced R up above us, it was a very cool and unique Seattle experience.

Credit goes to Bo Kim for the photography work, Ben Randolph (Splash!), Zac Millan (Nu Era) and Joyce Kim (Maui) as models.  Thank you to everyone involved!

Spring 2013: For this collection, we really wanted to focus in on the natural energy and environment of the Pacific Northwest.  For this reason, we named this line the Northwest Safari alluding to the exploration aspect of fashion that we encountered while designing the clothing.  Our good friend Brandon lives in an apartment complex in Lower Queen Anne, and he was gracious enough to help us coordinate a photoshoot up in the community roof area of the building.  Thanks to its luscious plant walls and natural lighting, the background was set and we came out with a bold, colorful gallery.  Shout out to Justin Lee and Kristian Sanford for the photography, along with Robin Rojas, Chris Nauta, Mangley “Mango” Ben, and Louisa Meng as models.

Winter 2012: We named this collection The Basics because we wanted to get back to the real necessities of the wardrobe: hat, tee, jacket.  This was our first run at 5-panels and premium varsity jackets, and we were very pleased with the results.  Models Robin Rojas and Chris Nauta were gracious enough to donate their time to this fun shoot which was set against a green screen.  Many thanks to Justin Lee for the photography.

Spring 2012: The concept for this collection was “Peoples”, as in Peoples Republic of Clothing. We wanted to emphasize the global aspect of that word, so many of the images from this shoot were placed against ancient world maps. Shot in the Lower Queen Anne area, this was truly one of the first full lines that we did. This meant including jackets, hats, and sweatshirts to our offerings. We were proud of this collection, and we are still asked about it to this day. Shout out to Ivan Mrsic for the photography, and Carlo Mejino, Andy Li, and April Faith Acosta for the modeling!

Collection 1: How time flies. This was one of our very first photoshoots, and it’s amazing to think of how far we’ve come since then. Our aesthetic hasn’t really changed, although it’s pretty obvious how the company vision has matured over the years. Thanks to Justin Lee for the photography, and Andy Li, Kimiko Foz, Lars Lee, and Deontay Dozie Ebiriekwe for their time spent as models. Great memories, and some of our most classic and iconic designs.

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