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Fresh Fit Fashion

04.01.14 - The 5th Annual Fresh Fit Fashion show at the Universtiy of Washington was the best one we've been to yet. Held at the new Husky Union Building ballroom, the event was well put together and featured fashion, music, and dance performances that impressed everyone in attendance.


We're very thankful to be a regular at this show and given the level of prestige it now enjoys within the community, we can't wait to see what next year brings!

Break to the Future

03.22.14 - Keeping it local at the Seattle Vinyard near UW, this charity event was organized to help collect canned food for community homeless. We had a great time at this one!

Revival of the Illest

03.15.14 - Any reason to battle! Vibe Dance Studio in Everett welcomed dancers from both the greater Seattle area as well as from Portland.

Northwest Sweet 16

03.08.14 - Like all the Sweet 16 events of the past, the Northwest Sweet 16 was a great mix of awesome people and amazing dancers. The 7th annual show included the best from the past and some of the best up-and-coming dancers from the Northwest region. Everyone did the PNW proud!

Flyin to Visayan

01.24.14 - This one was very cool.  Earlier in the week our friend Bobby told me about an event him and his brother were throwing down at Ampersand Lounge to help raise money for victims of the typhoon that rocked the Phillipines last year.  


Performances, good music and good people kept the night going.  The cause was great, and we were happy to be there to contribute to the experience!  A portion of proceeds went directly to the money raised, which the two brothers will personally bring, along with supplies, to Visayan in order to help the people there.

Battle of Burien


01.17.14 - What once started out as a small jam for teens in the city of Burien is now supported by Bboys/Bgirls and Allstyles dancers from all over the greater Seattle area. This support has allowed Battle Of Burien to continue and grow every year, and it was certainly a great time.  It's always cool to see the excitement and dedication these dancers put into an event like this.

Dunkxchange Seattle

01.04.14 - Fresh kicks abound!  This event has always been a favorite of ours.  It's the mix of hip hop, fashion, and shoes that always makes it an enjoyable time. Sneakerheads truly are unique individuals. We're glad to see this event becoming more

popular and prominent in Seattle over the years!

Battle for the Phillipines

12.13.13 - This bboy jam was for a great cause; raising money for the victims of the destruction that occured in the Phillipines thanks to a massive typhoon.  The energy was awesome, and it was nice to see lots of familiar faces out supporting a good cause. 


Big shout out to Abdi, owner of the Seattle brand Emerald Attire, for bringing this event together.

Reign Supreme

12.07.14 - This is definitely one of our favorite events that we attend each year.  Besides the fact that it is held at UW, the birthplace of PRC, the support and energy from the student body and the participating dancers is hard to top.  


With an awesome facility to hold all the dancers, attendees and vendors, Reign Supreme is an event we look forward to each and every time.  Big thanks to the UW Hop Hop Student Association and Mikeskee for hosting a terrific show.

The Drop (Final)

10.12.13 - Each of the Drop events culminated in this final event, where all the dancers who had secured their spots in the tournament battled it out to be crowned the winner.  Good times!

The Drop 5

09.29.13 - It's always nice to have a reason to get together and dance (and drink) on a Sunday, right?

Kollaboration 4

09.21.13 - This show is always really cool. The theme for this was “Bringing Back The Glamour”, for the fourth annual talent showcase at the Edmonds Center for the Arts.  The 60s themed evening was equipped with acoustic solos, contemporary rock bands, hip-hop dancers, emcee and spoken word artists.  


The idea and cause behind the show is great too.  It's is an annual event held in many cities around the country, and it's a movement produced by young Asian and Pacific Islander (API) professionals and students to promote a strong API presence in entertainment and media.

World of Dance

09.07.13 - What more to say about WOD? One of the most prominent dance shows in the country made its way to Seattle for a night to remember.  Choreo dance has really taken off thanks to shows like America's Best Dance Crew (Jabawockeez!), and the response from youth of all ages has been awesome to see.  What a great way to bring people together.

The Drop 2

09.01.13 - Dance, drink, repeat.

The Drop 1

08.25.13 - This event was created by Event Proz to offer the public a different venue (what up Eastside!  Lucky Strike!) to drink, dance, and party in. Over the course of two months, in a series of battle events leading up to the final, dancers claimed their spots in the final tournament.

Pista sa Nayon

07.28.13 - One of the best events around Seattle during the summer!  Pista has been happening for over 20 years and brings the community together.  Celebrating Filipino culture, it is a whole day full of music, dance, food, and people flat out enjoying themselves in the sun.  

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